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Yongsung Kim a Premier Artist

Youngsung Kim has burst onto the scene in an extremely impressive manner.  His use of bright pastel colors really catches the eye and draws you into each image.  As one customer said, "It's the kind of art I would want to hang on my walls just for the beautiful colors and landscapes.  Then it's just icing on the cake that it has a great message to go with it."

The Hand of God is his iconic piece that depicts Jesus Christ reaching into the water to save Peter. The interesting thing is that is done from the point of view of Peter who is rapidly sinking into the water.  It is also symbolic of how Jesus symbolically reaches to help each of us when we have gotten in over our heads.  This image is the #1 selling image on this website and for good reason.

Calm and Stars is an image set with Christ in a boat taking in the beautiful stars and all of God's creations.  It reminds us of the great power of God and the beauty of his works. 

A few other notable pieces are:  Autumn BreezeBeside Quiet WatersCalming EmbraceEventideFaithGoing HomeHe Leadeth MeHeavenly BlossomsHis Mighty HandI Shall Not WantIn Green PasturesJoyLittle OneLiving WaterOne Fold and One ShepherdSafely Gathered InShepherd's RestSolitudeThe Healing TouchThe Lord Is My ShepherdThe Shepherd's PathWalking on WaterWho Touched Me?Ye Are Mine.


For a complete listing, go to Yongsung Kim's Portfolio.