Heart in Hand

"Print Only" canvases will come with two inch borders and will most likely be shipped in a tube.
products.manufacturer: Jenedy Paige
products.sku: JP1014139-Meta
products.vendor: Foundation Arts

This image spoke to me – something about the heart in hand. We all have one, what will you do with yours? Will you hold it close and keep it safe, or will you open it up to others? There’s a risk involved in that, you may be hurt. To love is to jump into the unknown. It’s a lot like faith. You put your confidence in someone or something, but the outcome is unforeseen. So why take the risk? Because Christ did. He offered up His whole soul in Gethsemane in the hope that we would all accept His offering of the atonement. He had no guarantee that we would even use it. But He went forward in faith – He trusted us. As we accept His offering, it changes our hearts and fear melts away in the transformation. We then become fearless and are able to follow His example in offering our heart unguarded to others.