Tin Man

This was a commissioned painting sent to Pennsylvania for a woman who wanted to give it as a gift for her daughter. Her daughter was the ®Tin Man' in her High School Play. I explained to her that I was working on a series of paintings and each one with a different pair of Ruby Slipper. She asked me to add crocks and rainbow socks for her daughter.

In Matters of the Heart I add:

This principle of first preparing hearts applies in a wide variety of personal relationships, such as between friends and neighbors and co-workers as well as husbands and wives and children. Let’s look at some of the ways we can nurture a heart so that a testimony can take root and grow.

First, look for the good in each person, and mention it in a sincere and consistent way. It is amazing how hearts can be softened, testimonies implanted, and relationships improved when we begin to give a daily portion of heartfelt appreciation. It has a marvelous effect on preparing the spirit. Even mentioning a little thing will have a positive effect. It usually isn’t earth-shaking—just a simple act or attribute that will blossom and be multiplied if it is noticed.-H. Burke Peterson